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Jan 14, 2013 8:00pm EST
's a war zone, and then israel i have an exception for, under my proposal, because of the heightened risk of conflict. should be weakened financially because we cut them off, or if cutting them off would appear to be a move to distance ourself and might embolden israel's foes, and my amendment would fully fund the proposal of chairman hall rogers. >> mr. burgess. >> thank you for the recognition, i want to thank all of you for your work on the eliminating offset amendments. there was a 1% across the board offset that turned out to be $9 billion when, in 2005-2006, and there is a crs report delineates that. i think there's precedence for looking at this. one question i would have for you is, how will this funding be affected by the sequester? is there already an across the board cut that comes through the sequester and is your cut in addition to the sequester or is this funding carved out and protected? >> my understanding, doctor, is that both the underlying bill and my amendment would be on top of the sequester. >> so they're protected from the cuts or the sequester cuts -- >> the the $1
Jan 5, 2013 6:30pm EST
it to a recent development in a region with hezbollah sending drones over israel. yes, there can be a reaction, which is a military action that israel. if we want to keep the situation safer for us, is there any possibility at some point of in game international cooperation to diffuse and to reduce the capacity of nonstate actors to create a situation that could lead to terrible problems for the whole regulation? >> that is a big one. who wants to have it? >> the question pointed out a very important when. -- point. who are we dealing with? is it a criminal threat? is it an act of war? we have to be certain before we begin to react to a certain situation. that would certainly determine what the target would be. i think the general has outlined some of the very important than doubles regarding -- very important principles. the cooperation that goes on in the community is quite intensive -- canada, great britain, the united states, australia, new zealand -- we share information to ensure that we are fully informed before we make decisions. that is wonderful. we do extend that to other countries
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2